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Tudor Lane
between Crandall and Claude streets
Irving Community Development Corporation is currently working on the Tudor Lane Project.

ICDC is working with a coalition of partners, including the City of Irving to bring a total of 25 new, energy-efficient homes to Tudor Lane between Crandall and Claude streets.

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Tudor Lane Project Tudor Lane
Single Family Home Rendering
Design A Design B
Design A Design B
Design C Design D
Children residing in the Tudor Lane/Crandall area will attend Irving ISD schools listed here:
  • Brown Elementary
◦ 2010 W. 10th Street, 972-600-4000
◦ Texas Education Agency Rating - Acceptable

• Lamar Middle School
◦ 219 Crandall, 972-600-4400
◦ Texas Education Agency Rating - Recognized

• Nimitz High School
◦ 1000 W. Oakdale Road, 972-600-5700
◦ Texas Education Agency Rating - Acceptable


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We believe everyone should have access to affordable, quality homes, including low to moderate income families as well as moderate to high income families. There is always an opportunity to buy an ICDC home. Contact us  to find out how you or a loved one you know can benefit from the service and expertise of ICDC. Follow ICDC's progress with the Tudor Lane Project through our website. Come back and visit us!
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