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News: August 2011 Mr. Villatoro new addition to ICDC Board
The Board of Directors of the Irving Community Development Corporation is pleased to announce the election of Mr. Mario R. Villatoro to its Board.

Villatoro, a general construction contractor, has a background in maintenance supervision and in the mechanical crafts. He and his family have the distinction of also being one of the first families to occupy a housing development designed and constructed by ICDC. The development, Larry Court, was completed in 2002. It consisted of seven single family homes.

ICDC, a non-profit Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) was founded in 1995. Its mission is to facilitate the revitalization of neighborhoods through the encouragement of new, rehabilitated and affordable single-family housing. Since its inception, ICDC has provided down payment and closing cost assistance to 130 families, constructed 30 homes, and renovated approximately 20 houses.

Most recently, the agency has completed four houses as a part of an eight-unit development on E. Oakdale Road. “Mr. Villatoro got right to work; he started recruiting applicants interested in the Oakdale and Tudor Lane Projects”, stated Colvin Gibson, treasurer of the Board.

The Irving CDC’s next development will be in the Tudor Lane area where it plans to construct several single-family homes for first time homebuyers.

 For more information concerning ICDC, homebuyer assistance applications, and its new project, contact 972-253-8336 or visit the website at
News: August 2008 Irving Residents Benefit from Paint Giveaway
The Irving Community Development Corporation (ICDC) hosted a paint giveaway last month to benefit homeowners in Irving. The project was organized by the ICDC’s summer intern Leah Looten. She was hired by ICDC through the ExxonMobil Community Summer Jobs Program (CSJP). The primary project undertaken by this summer’s intern was a paint give away.

This project required the intern to solicit donations of paint and materials and also coordinate a neighborhood and a group of volunteers with the objective of improving the appearance of local neighborhoods.

“I believe we achieved our goal and went beyond all expectations,” says Leah. “Sales Manager Cameron Gratton, of Kelly Moore Paints, generously donated all of the paint and helped to get us donations of materials. While searching for a neighborhood to benefit from the project, we met with Guy Henry and Terri Ramirez from the City of Irving’s Code Enforcement. He was as excited about this project as we were.”

This was an initiative that would help homeowners while achieving goals established by the city.

Together with Code Enforcement, ICDC’s paint give away targeted helped a target group of homeowners who needed assistance. Some were elderly and could not physically take on the task of painting their homes; others were in code violation but couldn’t afford the expense of paint and materials.

“Overall we have done more than giving away paint, we have brought together the city, a nonprofit and a local business into an ongoing partnership that we hope will continue to benefit the residents of Irving.

” The internship sponsored by ExxonMobil is designed to give valuable experience and insight about nonprofit careers to college students so that they can make an informed career decision. For Leah, she says that this summer has helped give her direction and a goal following her graduation.
“I feel that I have finally found a career that I have a passion for and will enjoy.”
News: August 2008 Paint Restores Owner's Pride in Home, by Jess Paniszczyn, The Irving Rambler
Paint Restores Owner's Pride in Home,
Irving Rambler - August 28, 2008

Homeownership is part of the American Dream. However, for some local homeowners, limited funds, illness, and advanced age have hindered their ability to take care of and maintain their homes. Unlucky homeowners have found themselves in a vicious cycle of being cited and/or fined for not keeping their homes in compliance with the City’s codes.

Recently the Irving Community Development Corporation (ICDC), Kelly-Moore Paints and several City departments have joined together to help homeowners in special circumstances paint the exterior of their homes to bring them into code compliance.

“This project is part of my summer internship with ExxonMobil’s Community Summer Jobs Program,” Leah Looten said. “I was hired by ICDC to organize a paint giveaway. It was my job to go out into the community and ask people to donate paint and to volunteer to help. So, we have been talking to a lot of people.

“We spoke with Cameron Gratton at Kelly Moore Paints and asked for 60 gallons of paint. He went over and beyond. He offered us 80 gallons of paint. Then he said could provide us with rollers and gift cards. He has been really great.”

The City’s Code Enforcement Department helped identify homeowners who could benefit from the program. “We are working with Code Enforcement to use the code violations process to find those people in particular who need the paint and volunteers to help them. These are the people the Code Enforcement Officers hate to write-up, but they have to because it is part of their job,” Leah said.
  “These people are in violation of the City Code because their homes are not weather proofed. Their homes have exposed wood, or their paint is chipping, something that will eventually cause structural damage if it is not taken care of. Usually these situations can be resolved with a good coat of paint.

“Many of the people we are helping are elderly or disabled. We don’t deal with all code violators. We only work with people who have special circumstances. When you are faced with a code violation, it is either fix it or get fined $500. If you can’t afford to buy paint in the first place, this is an ideal way to have your house painted.”

Her internship has given Leah direction for her future. “My internship has been like This Old House and public relations mixed together. I came into the internship really scared. I wasn’t sure what to do, and I didn’t know what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Now that the internship is nearly complete I want to go into non-profit management. I want to work with community development and with cities. This has been really great in helping me find my path. I could not have asked for anything better,” she said.

Fifty years ago, Margorie Magar owned the grandest house on the block. Today confined to a wheelchair, she struggles to make ends meet. Margorie and her best friend, Marty, recently made a special trip to Kelly-Moore. They have a plan to get her garage painted, Marty will do the painting and Margorie will make all the iced tea he can drink.

 “My house was built in 1950, so it is pretty old. It was the first house built on that street.

 “I think this is wonderful. I just got a reverse mortgage, and I had to have the house either painted or sided. Whatever I decided on took away from the money I was supposed to get. I decided to have the house sided. But this paint is for the garage,” Margorie said.

Susan Steele, ICDC’s Executive Director, contacted Cameron Gratton, a sales representative with Kelly-Moore Paints at the best possible time.

“Susan called me and asked if I could help her resolve some code violations in the city of Irving. If Kelly-Moore was in a position to full community effort. We hope that the community will come out and show their care for the Trinity.”
News: June 2008 ICDC Hosts Foreclosure Prevention Workshop
Together with the North Texas Housing Coalition, the Irving Community Development Corporation hosted a Foreclosure Prevention Workshop at the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church on June 21st. The participants began the morining by learning the basics of foreclosure. From there they had the opportuntiy to meet with their providor or with foreclosure counselors who would act as the middleman between themseleves and their lendor. As the first foray into foreclosure prevention events, the June 21st workshop was very succesful.

The ICDC realizes that with the rising foreclosure occurences, this event was just the first of many to come.
News: September 2007 ICDC can now provide HOME warranty as an official builder
  September 2007 - ICDC can now provide HOME
warranties as an official builder

The Irving Community Development Corporation has announced its approval for membership in the HOME/RWC of Texas warranty program. HOME/RWC of Texas provides extended insured 10 year written warranty protection on new homes throughout the state.

To qualify for HOME/RWC of Texas membership, a builder must have a successful track record in customer service and quality construction. ICDC has met these qualifications and can now provide this 10 year new home warranty plan.

This added dimension of HOME/RWC of Texas protection is the buyer's assurance that they are receiving the best value for their investment.

ICDC feels its buyers should expect the best in value and construction while maintaining affordability.

That is why they have chosen to offer the HOME/RWC of Texas 10 Year Warranty providing peace of mind to their home buyers. For more information, contact us at 972-253-8336 or visit our website at
News: August 2007 New homes built by ICDC create opportunities, By Jess Paniszczyn, The Irving Rambler

By Jess Paniszczyn

The Irving Community Development Corporation (ICDC) recently hosted an open house to celebrate the completion of its latest project, four homes in the 4100 block of West Pioneer Drive. “ICDC is in the business of affordable housing for folks who have moderate and low incomes,” Tino Soto, chairperson of the ICDC board, said. “The Pioneer Drive homes are our latest project. We have built about 17 houses in Irving.”

While welcoming four new homes to the Irving community, George Edwin, Colvin Gibson, Sam Jackson, Tino Soto, Ed Schafer, Rick Stopfer, Ruben Carranza and Nancy Akerman celebrate ICDC’s award of a check for $1,000 from ExxonMobil as the Non-Profit Agency of the Year.
During the festivities, ICDC was recognized as the Non-Profit Agency of the Year and was presented a check for $1,000 from ExxonMobil. “As a result of having Jeff Hill, an intern with ExxonMobil Foundation, working on this project, and ICDC participating with the Exxon Mobil Community Summer Jobs Program, ICDC received the Non-Profit Agency of the Year honor. We competed with 75 other agencies for this distinction,” Mr. Soto said.

Sam Jackson, construction superintendent, seemed excited that his crew overcame obstacles caused by the weather to complete the construction. “We just got it done,” Mr. Jackson said. “We obtained building permits on May 4 and poured our first foundation on May 16. In May, we had 21 days of rain. In June, we had 15 days of rain.

But with a lot of hard work and diligence, it is done. We thank the Lord, all the subcontractors, and the city.” The Volunteer Center of North Texas and ExxonMobil Corporation selected ICDC for the second consecutive year to receive a grant under the Exxon Mobil Community Summer Jobs Program.

Jeff Hill, an intern provided through the ExxonMobil Foundation, found the experience of working with ICDC to be beneficial in a number of ways. “Exxon Mobil Community Summer Jobs Program gave me the opportunity to learn. This whole project has been a learning experience.

The idea of the program is to place interns and teach them. As the interns learn, everybody gets something out of having an intern available. I wasn’t the only one who benefited. ICDC and the community of Irving benefited from the program,” Mr. Hill said.

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